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Sun, 27th September 2020, 10:06am (Thu, 1st January 1970, 1:00am UTC-444777)

Very impressive site and a fine list of preceptories that one could deliberate over if wishing to join, I am at present a member of the Province of Somerset and in the process of moving home, we have been looking at property's in the Vale of Evesham, have not found one yet but who knows. So I would wish to join Your Province if We re locate.
In the meantime keep safe.
E.Kt. R.W.Morss. ppr1Con.

Roger Morss

Sat, 3rd June 2017, 2:17am (Mon, 6th March 2017, 2:17am UTC-2135)

Really interesting, but a MM and a member of Chapter - this is the next step I want to take, so am asking advice from my mentor and scribe; trusted people.

Garry Carter

Mon, 15th May 2017, 5:59pm


W.Bro Allan J Bretherton

Tue, 17th November 2015, 6:43pm

After doing some research on the knights Templar I came upon this webpage, I'm very interested and rather intrigued by the history and what they fought for and believed in, its a far cry from todays society!

Thomas Havard

Fri, 30th January 2015, 11:03am

Really like the website, plenty of information.
Joining KT on the 12th.
Richard de Vernon Preceptory No 52

Keep up the good work;

Bro . Matt West

Fri, 15th August 2014, 7:24pm

I find your web page very interesting. I was educated at the Worcester RGS and was at school with the late Peter Bleakman who used to regularly invite me to the Worcester Provincial Meeting and I invited him to the Oxon, Berks and Bucks Provincial Meeting.

I miss coming to your Provincial meeting as I know the Cathedral well. I was a chorister at the Cathedral and later a Server. Keep up the good work.

M J Hewitt
ex Sqn. Ldr. RAF VR
PPr1st Con
Oxon, Berks & Bucks

Michael J Hewitt

Sat, 19th May 2012, 2:56am (Sat, 19th May 2012, 11:56am UTC+9)

Just visiting from Australia


Tue, 1st May 2012, 11:20pm (Wed, 2nd May 2012, 12:20am UTC+1)

Just joined Holy Cross No 332 - Stationed at Kings Heath.
I would like to thank everybody who attended this evening and made my night so memorable I would also like to thank all those who took part in my installation and the Eminent preceptor and brother knights for such a warm welcome into the order.
What a fantastic website.

Martin Kadir

Mon, 6th June 2011, 9:27pm

Good to see Worcestershire at the forefront again, an excellent site!

Mick Stocker

Thu, 28th April 2011, 4:10am

Good to see The Provincial Priory of Worcestershire going from strength to stength, another fine achievement. Well done to all concerned, including of course our talented WebMaster Geoff....

Iain Moody