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Sat, 3rd June 2017, 2:17am (Mon, 6th March 2017, 2:17am UTC-2135)

Really interesting, but a MM and a member of Chapter - this is the next step I want to take, so am asking advice from my mentor and scribe; trusted people.

Garry Carter

Mon, 15th May 2017, 5:59pm


W.Bro Allan J Bretherton

Tue, 17th November 2015, 6:43pm

After doing some research on the knights Templar I came upon this webpage, I'm very interested and rather intrigued by the history and what they fought for and believed in, its a far cry from todays society!

Thomas Havard

Fri, 30th January 2015, 11:03am

Really like the website, plenty of information.
Joining KT on the 12th.
Richard de Vernon Preceptory No 52

Keep up the good work;

Bro . Matt West

Fri, 15th August 2014, 7:24pm

I find your web page very interesting. I was educated at the Worcester RGS and was at school with the late Peter Bleakman who used to regularly invite me to the Worcester Provincial Meeting and I invited him to the Oxon, Berks and Bucks Provincial Meeting.

I miss coming to your Provincial meeting as I know the Cathedral well. I was a chorister at the Cathedral and later a Server. Keep up the good work.

M J Hewitt
ex Sqn. Ldr. RAF VR
PPr1st Con
Oxon, Berks & Bucks

Michael J Hewitt